Monday, August 4, 2014

Top 5 for $5 or Less

Happy Monday!

No, you're not crazy and yes, I can count - there are six items pictured because I included a bonus! Check it out at the end of the post. :)

I've been working on a list of drugstore faves for some time, and it got way out of hand. There are so many amazing items to be found at the drugstore, but I wanted to narrow it down for you guys today.

These 5 (+1) products are ones that I honestly use in my regular rotation of products. They're not great because they're inexpensive, they're just great and they happen to be inexpensive!

You've probably seen these gems throughout my videos or previous posts, but I wanted to put them all in one place and tell you why I love them so!

L -R: Creme Brulee, Vanilla Cream Pie, Eclair

NYX Butter Glosses | $4.99 at Ulta

Oh. My. Goodness. These very glosses are why I can no longer say that I'm "not a fan of glosses" (I think I've said that in so many videos). These glosses are so creamy and glide on beautifully. They're not sticky or uncomfortable to wear. They can be worn by themselves for a sheer wash of color or can be worn over another lip product to add a nice sheen. These three colors can always be found in my bag and are my absolute favorites - can you tell I have a pinky-nude obsession?! They look great, feel great, and smell great - and they happen to be super affordable. LOVE!

Black Point & Espresso Last

Jordana 12 HR Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencils | $2.49 at Jordana (Jordana can also be found at Kmart and Walgreens)

I have extremely oily eyelids so finding one that is budge-proof is my number one priority when shopping for eyeliners. These liners are so creamy (word of the day, I guess) and super pigmented. They're smooth and not patchy, like most inexpensive liners, and blend like a dream. I typically smoke out these liners with an eyeshadow, but they don't have to be set with a shadow in order to last all day. Amazeballs.

Shade "Translucent"

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder | $3.97 at Walmart
*The price varies between drugstores, but I've never seen it over $5.

This is my favorite setting powder that is so lightweight it doesn't leave me feeling dry or cakey. Obviously the translucent shade gives no extra coverage, but they do offer the product in other shades if you're looking to really build up your coverage. I cannot tell you how many pans I've gone through... I think I'm on my 5th or 6th one. I fly through this product because I use it nearly everyday. It's that amazing. And I don't feel bad about repurchasing so often because it's so affordable!

L - R: Black Cherry, Spicy Cinnamon, Primrose

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks | $4.97 at Walmart
*Price varies between drugstores

These Revlon lipsticks have been a makeup icon for longer than I've been alive. And for good reason. There are a plethora of colors and finishes from which to choose. I love the formula so much that I'm (almost) embarrassed to say the three pictured barely scratch the surface of my Lustrous Lipsticks collection. No matter your style or lipstick preference, you're guaranteed to find a shade and finish you love!

L - R: Haze of Love, Tropicalia, Club Havana, On a Trip

Wet N Wild Megalast Nail Polishes | $1.99 at CVS

The name of these polishes is no joke - they last for an incredibly long time! I would even be so bold to say these are the longest wearing polishes I own. They will last nearly a week before I start to notice any chipping. I also like that the brush is wider than they typical Essie or OPI style brush so it makes painting my nails less of a chore. The formula is so smooth that I often only go with one coat. I can't do that with most of my "high end" nail polishes. These are the only four colors I own, but I intend to buy more. They are often on sale at CVS, RiteAid, or Walgreens, and when you combine that with coupons, you can purchase them for next to nothing. I wouldn't mind owning every color!

Want to see my bonus favorite? It's so amazing that it I dedicated an entire video to it! 

Would you be interested in other drugstore favorites? Let me know!

What are your faves from the drugstore??

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    1. Yes, finally! Although it was turning into 25 under $5, so I had to narrow it down! Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration. ;)

  2. Hola amiga! Me ha encantado tu post!!! Y me han encantado tus productos favoritos!!! Un abrazo y mil besos!

  3. I need all those Revlon colors! Love this post, Aundi!!!

    1. Thank you, Megan! I loved your collab! I will be texting you soon. 😊

  4. I have tried and loved all of these besides the Jordana liners so I'm going to be on the lookout for those now! Great list!

    -Dre Does

    1. You have to try the liners! I think you'll love them too! :)