Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review | Perfectly Posh

One of my super sweet followers on Instagram, Tara (you can find her info below!), was kind enough to send me a few samples of Posh products to test. According to their website, Perfectly Posh is a naturally based beauty brand with products that are free of parabens, paraffins, sulfates, gluten and soy fillers. Their products are also cruelty free. Sounds good to me!

I had sample sizes of four products, so I obviously can't speak to their long-term results. I used the samples sparingly and stretched them for about 2-3 uses each. I wanted to share with you my initial thoughts on each product.

Sidenote: I'm not crazy about the packaging and names of the products... They are very creative, but I tend to like my skincare to look and feel more luxurious. Not exactly a deal breaker, but still...

Moisturizer 911

This is described as a light, daily moisturizer and it is indeed very lightweight. Unfortunately my skin is so dry that it soaked it right up and didn't give me enough hydration. It smells very citrus-y and made me want to eat a tangerine! It is infused with caffeine and is intended to brighten and tighten your skin. If you are looking for something very light to apply in the mornings or before your makeup, this could be a good option for you.

*Tara did say that the Night and Day Moisturizer is better suited for dry skin. She uses this one because her skin is more on the dry side too. :)     

BFF (Best Face Forever) Exfoliating Face Wash

This exfoliating face cleanser is gentle enough that it says it can be used everyday. I really liked the tiny microbeads because it wasn't too harsh and didn't leave my skin feeling raw like some exfoliants can. It smelled really fresh and somewhat minty. I don't know that I would use this everyday in place of my current cleanser, but it is a nice exfoliant to throw into the mix!

Mango Marshmallow Skindelicious Body Butter

I must admit that this smelled good enough to eat! This one smelled more sweet and less citrus-y than the last two. I only got two uses out of this sample, but I noticed right away that it was hydrating but not too thick. It left my skin feeling nice and moisturized. This would be a great option if you don't like the greasy feeling that some body lotions can leave behind.

The Stripper D-Tox Body Mud

I was very curious and eager to try this mud mask. This detoxifying mask "aggressively absorbs and removes free radicals from skin... and helps you expel harmful pollution to reveal youthful, healthy skin." The light and smooth consistency of the mask was surprising and different from any mask I've tried. It felt pretty tingly, okay it pretty much stung for the first few minutes. I left it on for 15 minutes as directed, and rinsed it off. Since it didn't  dry thick or cakey, it was very easy to rinse off. The mask felt super moisturizing as I rinsed it off and it left my skin feeling super smooth! I was very pleased with the immediate results. As I said, I had to stretch the sample but I was able to try it two times. I had a little left over and wanted my husband to try it since his skin is very different from mine. His tends to be oily with large pores and prone to blackheads. I applied it just on noticeable pores (mainly around the nose). Within minutes, you could see impurities being pulled from his pores and gathering on the surface of his skin. I was amazed! He said his skin felt really soft when he rinsed it off... Again, we couldn't get long term results from a sample size, but I was very impressed with our first experience with this mud mask. I wish I could compare it to the GlamGlow mask, but homegirl be on dat budget... and this mask is way more affordable!

This was definitely my favorite product of the bunch!

If you are interested in checking out Posh, you can find Tara on Instagram @poshwithtara or you can check out her website.

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These products were provided for consideration. This is not a sponsored post. Photos of products were pulled from the Perfectly Posh website.

Monday, July 28, 2014

You Can Do It! Monday Motivation | Celebrating Milestones

I found this adorable inspiration on Pinterest.

Happy Monday!

I know, I know... Mondays rarely bring any excitement. In fact, Mondays usually just suck altogether. But today is a little different for me. Why, you ask? Well...

My YouTube channel hit 100 subscribers today.

One of my favorite videos crossed 1,000 views today.

My Instagram is growing rapidly because of such a supportive beauty community. I've even made new friends!

My blog will reach a huge - to me - milestone this week (unless of course no one ever decides to visit it again, which is a possibility) that I'll share when it happens.

I realize this could come off a little braggy and narcissistic, but I hope you can see past that to my honest intention - which is to hopefully inspire you.

I often give the impression that I don't care what others think. I am strong-willed (some might say stubborn) and usually not afraid to say what's on my mind... yeah, that one gets me in trouble a lot. But I'm also a super sensitive person with a big heart. My feelings get hurt very easily. I have struggled my whole life with the fear of failure and not living up to others' expectations. That fear has held me back and kept me from doing things I longed to do. Like most people, I deeply struggle with rejection.

You may think I'm too sensitive - and maybe I am. But it hurts when those whom we think would be our biggest cheerleaders, well... aren't. Unfortunately, people will always disappoint you. But that should make you even more grateful for the ones who love and support you and cherish the ones that would do anything to help you reach your goals.

Most would probably laugh at my milestones, but I'm choosing to celebrate. For me, these silly milestones represent growth and progress. They prove to me that if you set goals, you can achieve them and if you work hard, your dreams can become a reality.

Whatever you've been wanting to do but keep putting off, do it. Maybe it's exercise or lose weight (preaching to the choir on that one), maybe it's take art classes, maybe it's singing in front of others, maybe it's starting that small business you've always dreamed about... Whatever it is, do it! Set small, realistic goals, work toward them, and celebrate your accomplishments!

This post is as much for me as it is for you. These small milestones have encouraged me to start working on other areas of my life, and I hope it encourages you, too.

If you don't believe me, maybe you'll believe Ryan!

Celebrate the small things!

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The Perfect Smokey Cat Eye

Hi loves! I wanted to share with you an old trick of the trade for achieving a perfect smokey cat eye every time. It's totally fool proof if you're one who struggles with a winged eye shape or winged liner in general. You literally can't mess it up!

Products used in the video:

MAC Painterly Paintpot (What else is new?!)
Matte brown shadow (a couple shades darker than my skin tone)
Matte dark brown shadow
Matte black shadow
Shimmer shadow for inner lid (I used Kitten by Stila)
Rimmel Scandaleyes Nude Liner
Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara
Ardell Demi Wispies False Lashes
Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Soft Brown
NARS Laguna Bronzer 
Maybelline The Buffs Lipstick in Nude Lust

I hope you'll give this look a go! Be sure to use #makeupbyaundi so I can see! :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fashion Friday | DIY Girly Manicure

 Happy Friday!

I told you guys we would be covering a plethora of topics on Fridays, so today we're chatting about nails! After a couple of semi-traumatic experiences at the nail salon (I was young, give me a break), I have gotten pretty comfortable at doing my nails at home. I reserve trips to the nail salon for the most special of occasions. I think the last time I got my nails done was for my wedding... Three years ago! And you guys know I'm pretty frugal, so why pay someone to do something I can do at home? I'm definitely not saying it looks professional or anything, but it'll do!

 Step 1: Cuticle Softener & Remover
The first time using this at home, I remember being terrified my cuticles were going to melt off. Thankfully, that didn't happen. I typically apply this right after I shower, so the cuticles are already soft. The softener helps to push them into place, which really helps the overall appearance with the finished manicure.

Step 2: Cuticle Oil
I apply this with a Q-tip to my cuticles after pushing them into place. The softener can be a tad drying, so the oil just adds the moisture and keeps my nails looking healthy.

Step 3: Filing
While the oil is drying, I use this time to file my nails and maintain their shape. I just clean up their natural shape, but you can use this time to shape them however you like - round, square, whatever your heart desires! You can also buff and shine your nails, but I only do that occasionally. I'm usually too lazy for that, if I'm being honest!

Step 4: Paint
The fun part! Choose whatever color(s) makes you happy. I like to throw in an accent nail here and there to spice things up!

Step 5: Don't forget the topcoat!
I've mentioned this in my favorites before, but I love the Out The Door topcoat. It gives a great shine, prolongs the wear of my polish, and it dries within minutes! It's perfect for me because I'm notorious for moving on to other tasks with wet nails. I like to watch YouTube videos while waiting for them to dry!

When I don't know which colors to choose or am feeling uninspired, this is my go to combination. Golden Rule is one of my favorite accent polishes because it goes great with everything. Sometimes I apply it over a color for a light wash of glitter and other times I apply it on its own (a couple coats) for a metallic accent nail (pictured). It's fool proof! And I always get compliments while wearing this polish. It's a favorite, for sure!

I wore this OPI shade for my wedding, so it's a rather nostalgic shade for me. Let's be honest, the color is great, but I probably chose it just for the name. It's the perfect mix of nude and pink and it's such a classic color that you just can't go wrong with it!

 If you don't often paint your nails, I encourage you to give it a try! It's such a fun, girly way to express yourself, and I always feel a little more put together when my nails are done.

Do you have any favorites I should add to my nail polish collection? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Maybelline The Nudes | Full Review

I have to admit that I was a skeptic when I purchased this palette. While there are a few gems at the drugstore, I've never had much luck in the eyeshadow department. This palette has its pros and cons, but it certainly impressed me more than I expected!

One thing to note: some of the eyeshadows don't have the best color payoff (meaning sheer and lacking pigmentation). I had to really build them up to get the swatches below. You'll definitely want to use some sort of base/primer when working with these shadows in order to get the best payoff.

The Nudes swatches (with flash)

Depending on which drugstore you're frequenting, this palette retails from $9.99 - $12.99. However, as I explain in the video, I used a coupon combined with a few CVS extra care bucks and snagged the palette for $5.99. Score!

Do I think this palette is worth purchasing? You'll have to watch my full review to find out! :)

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Skincare 101 - Easy Tips That Anyone Can Do

Happy Monday!

Over the past few years, I have been shocked at the amount of girls who have told me they usually just wear last night's makeup to cut down on their getting ready time the next morning. I will admit that in high school and early college, I was one of those girls. I cherished sleep as much as the next girl and would forsake important steps in my beauty routine in exchange for a few more minutes of snoozing.

However, my skin suffered the consequence and I would pay for it when I did have to apply my makeup. My skin would be drier than normal and I would have far more breakouts to try to conceal.

There are other corners you can cut when getting ready in the morning (or at night), but skin care isn't one of them. I wanted to share a couple easy ways to implement skin care into your daily routine. These really are so simple; anyone can do them!

Steps that everyone should take at night and in the morning:

1. Remove your makeup (at night)

Removing your makeup doesn't have to be a daunting task. There are so many facial wipes on that market that are specifically for removing makeup. I really like the Neutrogena Face Wipes. They make the task so quick and simple - and your skin will thank you!

2. Cleanse

While the face wipes are great for removing makeup, they aren't meant to replace your facial cleanser. They will remove the first layer (mostly makeup) but you still want something to give you a deeper cleanse to remove the dirt and grime. (Gross, I know... but it's there!) There are plenty of options out there to target your skin type and budget. Find one that works for you and use it.

3. Moisturize 

I know you lucky girls with oily skin (yes, I said lucky) probably cringe at the idea of moisturizing, but it's a step that no one should skip out on. It's obvious that those of us with dry skin are lacking hydration, but often times oily skin is a sign that your skin is dehydrated. Your skin is likely over-compensating and producing more oil to rehydrate. If you find a good moisturizer (it doesn't have to be too thick), you will most likely notice less oil being produced throughout the day.

If you are a dry skin gal like myself, I covet the thickest, creamiest, oiliest of moisturizers to smother my face in overnight. My favorites are Mario Badescu's Caviar Night Cream (I've noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin since using this) and Josie Maran's Argan Oil (I use this when my skin feels extra thirsty, and my skin is glowing by the next morning). 

If you are like I used to be, washing and moisturizing your face are probably last on your to-do list before turning in for the night. When you apply your moisturizer and immediately lay down, you are most likely wasting product on your pillow and sheets (especially if you're a crazy sleeper like me!) or maybe even by snuggling up with your honey. 

Tip: Try cleansing and moisturizing at least an hour before you lay down for the night. 

This will give your products, especially the moisturizer, a chance to absorb into the skin and do what they're meant to do! I work hard for my money, and I hate the idea of a skincare product going to waste by being absorbed by my pillow instead of my skin!

Tip: If you are budget conscious and are skeptical about trying higher end products, Sephora and Ulta have sample sizes near check-out that you can try before committing to a full size product and its full size price. There are also great options at the drugstore!

I hope you will give this a try and make skincare an important step in your beauty routine. You will notice a difference in your skin as you incorporate these steps and make them a habit.

If you have any specific skincare questions or topics you'd like me to cover, let me know below or contact me.

Sneak peek: We'll be chatting about this guy on Wednesday... Check back then!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

First Official Fashion Friday

Happy Friday!

I am so stinking excited for the first official Fashion Friday! As I said in the sneak peek, I haven't always been very creative in the fashion realm, so Fashion Friday will not only be a great avenue to share tips with you all, but also a growing experience for me (in more ways than one).

I also mentioned that I reserve most - okay, pretty much all - of my extra spending money for makeup, so my fashion fund is quite small. Most fashion posts will be affordable and budget friendly.

I have always been more of a jeans and tee kinda girl, so obviously I didn't stretch too far outside my comfort zone here. I did want to throw in a few ways I like to jazz up my basics...

1. A basic jacket/blazer (it doesn't get much jazzier than a blazer!)

2. A scarf (if leopard print doesn't spice things up, I don't know what does.)

3. A cute handbag (most of which - in my collection - come from Target, duh!)

You guys will quickly learn that most everything I purchase comes from Target. I swear it's the happiest place on earth. I will be making a conscious effort, however, to branch out of my little fashion box, which unfortunately means fewer trips to Target. Oh, who am I kidding? Probably not fewer trips to Target, but at least more trips to other stores. ;)

 Bonjour Tee - Forever 21 - Similar Here
Jeans - Target 
Blazer - Charlotte Russe (I think) - Similar Here
Scarf - Walmart (Gotta love random Walmart finds!)
Bag - Target (found on clearance) - Similar Here

I obviously wasn't kidding when I said I shop mostly at Target.

So... that's it for our first Fashion Friday! What did you think? What kind of posts would you like to see in the future?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Warm Smokey Eye + The Best Drustore Nude Lip

This is one of my favorite looks to do. The warm browns offer the sultriness of the smokey eye but appear much softer than using cooler colors like black or grey. This look will flatter everyone but is especially beautiful on people with blue eyes. 
I included the products I used in the video. I am testing a new foundation and will be posting a review soon!

In this video, I paired two drugstore lippies for my all time favorite nude lip. It's a true nude - not pink, brown, or peach - just nude. A nude lip is always hot and this one is even hotter because it doesn't break the bank! ;)

Want to know the names? Watch the video, silly!

I hope you guys enjoy the video.

 Don't forget to check back Friday for our first official Fashion Friday!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Series | Fashion Fridays

fash·ion /ˈfaSHən/
noun: fashion; plural noun: fashions
a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior

I want to introduce you guys to a new series that I'll be starting this week!

Drumroll please...

For quite some time, I've wanted to incorporate other types of posts and content. I even tossed around the idea of starting another blog. I decided to branch out last Friday when I shared with you guys The Perfect Swimsuit.

I shared that post on my Instagram (if you aren't following me there - well, why not?) and asked for some feedback on sharing new content. The comments were unanimous in that I should mix things up and share about all things beauty. After letting out a huge sigh of relief over no longer facing the daunting task of starting a new blog (just this one is a lot of work), I immediately began planning Fashion Fridays.

[Sneak Peek of this week's Fashion Friday]

As a girl with a slightly unhealthy obsession with makeup who is admittedly cheap frugal, I have been known to sacrifice all other areas of beauty in my life. I will forsake hair (because I'm the worst), nails, toenails, clothes, AND accessories to dedicate all my time, money, and energy on my makeup. Fashion Fridays is not only about sharing new content with you but is also here to help me develop a more well-rounded sense of style. ;) I'll be sharing my inspiration, affordable looks, clothing, accessories, etc. Basically everything but makeup!

I hope you guys are looking forward to Fashion Fridays as much as I am!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Affordable Summer Highlight

Happy Monday! 

I wanted to share with you guys a highlighting product I've been using a lot this summer. This baked bronzer 'Tiki' (I don't know why it's called a bronzer - please, for the love of all things holy - do not use this as a bronzer!) by Hard Candy can be found at Walmart for around $9.00 This highlight has been raved about in the beauty community. If you watched my January Favorites, you will remember I wasn't a huge fan of this product. I was so disappointed that it didn't work for me. I was so fair that it left an almost orange cast on my skin. I mentioned in the video that it could work for me during the summer when I have more color to my skin.

I decided to whip it back out to see if it could actually work for me. Much to my surprise, I actually really love it! It's very golden which is why I didn't work for me during the winter months as I have very cool-toned skin. 

What I love about Tiki is that it can give a very subtle glow (as pictured above) or you can build it up to be a super intense highlight (pictured below).

One thing to keep in mind, this product does contain mineral oil, which is a somewhat controversial ingredient. There are theories that mineral oil is harmful to your skin and causes aging. Here are my thoughts: yes, mineral oil is used in some products that you would not want to use on your skin (like the coolant in my car, but thankfully I have common sense and know better than to rub that all over my face). However, mineral oil is a natural ingredient and as studies have proven, perfectly safe to use on the skin. If you are weary of the ingredient, do some research and educate yourself. I will say, that I've never had any issues using cosmetic products that contain mineral oil.

If you want to see Hard Candy Tiki in action, check out my Go-To Summer Makeup Routine.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Perfect Swimsuit | Fashion Friday

Hi everyone!

First and foremost, I want to say thank you for all the love and support in response to my big news. I am so humbled by the amount of messages, texts, calls, and encouragement I've received in the last couple days. I am one blessed girl!

Today I wanted to share something a little different; something that has changed my life! Okay, maybe not my life, but it's changed my summers for sure!  Let me get this out of the way - I realize I'm behind the times. I'm probably the last person in the world to jump on this bandwagon.... So let me explain.

Like probably most women, I loathe bathing suit shopping. No matter what I weigh each season, no matter the shape I'm in, it's always a traumatic shopping experience. Every. Time. I'm short and curvy, which - let's be honest - isn't the ideal body type to be rocking a bathing suit. Every year I wait until the last possible minute to find a new suit, putting myself in a time crunch and settling for the best one I can find (we'll skip over the amount of tears I shed in the dressing room while cursing all bathing suits, which obviously leads to a post-shopping binge on cookies or ice cream). I pretty much always go to Target, sometimes Walmart. Because I hate bathing suits so much, I would never want to invest much money in one. 

This year was no exception. I went to Target a few days before I left for vacation and bought the lesser of the bikini evils. And yes, in case you were wondering, tears were shed. The top just wasn't that flattering. Technically, it fit but I just didn't feel confident in it. Like all my other bathing suits, I was constantly checking, pulling, tugging, lifting, and stuffing things back into place. (I'll let you use your imagination on that one.)

While on vacation, I ventured off to the local mall one evening and decided to pop in Victoria's Secret. Unlike the VS store at my local mall, this one was so large (I'm pretty sure I heard the Hallelujah chorus when I walked in) and they actually carried bathing suits in store. "What the heck?" I thought. Might as well try one on to see what all the hype is about.

...and the heavens opened.

After trying a few, I found the perfect size and was astonished at how I looked and felt. Everything was covered and, well, lifted into place. I was actually excited to go to the beach next day and confidently don my amazing purchase.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but the print has a metallic gold accent. It's gorgeous!

I decided to buy the top only (mainly because I'm frugal... okay, cheap!) and just pair it with bottoms from Target that I already own.

This is the style (but different print) I fell in love with and purchased.

I tried on this style and loved it, but they didn't have my size in stock.

 The Run-Down

Coming in right around $48, this top was more than I normally spend on a swimsuit, but I can honestly say that it's one of the best purchases I've ever made. I can pretty safely say that I won't be purchasing bikini tops from Target anymore! The customer service was amazing. And as if the experience could get any better, they gave me this adorable cooler with my swimwear purchase. Score!

No matter your swimsuit preference, shape or size, I hope this can save you some of the dreaded bathing suit shopping pain that most of us face each year!

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