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Review | Perfectly Posh

One of my super sweet followers on Instagram, Tara (you can find her info below!), was kind enough to send me a few samples of Posh products to test. According to their website, Perfectly Posh is a naturally based beauty brand with products that are free of parabens, paraffins, sulfates, gluten and soy fillers. Their products are also cruelty free. Sounds good to me!

I had sample sizes of four products, so I obviously can't speak to their long-term results. I used the samples sparingly and stretched them for about 2-3 uses each. I wanted to share with you my initial thoughts on each product.

Sidenote: I'm not crazy about the packaging and names of the products... They are very creative, but I tend to like my skincare to look and feel more luxurious. Not exactly a deal breaker, but still...

Moisturizer 911

This is described as a light, daily moisturizer and it is indeed very lightweight. Unfortunately my skin is so dry that it soaked it right up and didn't give me enough hydration. It smells very citrus-y and made me want to eat a tangerine! It is infused with caffeine and is intended to brighten and tighten your skin. If you are looking for something very light to apply in the mornings or before your makeup, this could be a good option for you.

*Tara did say that the Night and Day Moisturizer is better suited for dry skin. She uses this one because her skin is more on the dry side too. :)     

BFF (Best Face Forever) Exfoliating Face Wash

This exfoliating face cleanser is gentle enough that it says it can be used everyday. I really liked the tiny microbeads because it wasn't too harsh and didn't leave my skin feeling raw like some exfoliants can. It smelled really fresh and somewhat minty. I don't know that I would use this everyday in place of my current cleanser, but it is a nice exfoliant to throw into the mix!

Mango Marshmallow Skindelicious Body Butter

I must admit that this smelled good enough to eat! This one smelled more sweet and less citrus-y than the last two. I only got two uses out of this sample, but I noticed right away that it was hydrating but not too thick. It left my skin feeling nice and moisturized. This would be a great option if you don't like the greasy feeling that some body lotions can leave behind.

The Stripper D-Tox Body Mud

I was very curious and eager to try this mud mask. This detoxifying mask "aggressively absorbs and removes free radicals from skin... and helps you expel harmful pollution to reveal youthful, healthy skin." The light and smooth consistency of the mask was surprising and different from any mask I've tried. It felt pretty tingly, okay it pretty much stung for the first few minutes. I left it on for 15 minutes as directed, and rinsed it off. Since it didn't  dry thick or cakey, it was very easy to rinse off. The mask felt super moisturizing as I rinsed it off and it left my skin feeling super smooth! I was very pleased with the immediate results. As I said, I had to stretch the sample but I was able to try it two times. I had a little left over and wanted my husband to try it since his skin is very different from mine. His tends to be oily with large pores and prone to blackheads. I applied it just on noticeable pores (mainly around the nose). Within minutes, you could see impurities being pulled from his pores and gathering on the surface of his skin. I was amazed! He said his skin felt really soft when he rinsed it off... Again, we couldn't get long term results from a sample size, but I was very impressed with our first experience with this mud mask. I wish I could compare it to the GlamGlow mask, but homegirl be on dat budget... and this mask is way more affordable!

This was definitely my favorite product of the bunch!

If you are interested in checking out Posh, you can find Tara on Instagram @poshwithtara or you can check out her website.

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These products were provided for consideration. This is not a sponsored post. Photos of products were pulled from the Perfectly Posh website.

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