Bridal Makeup

"I used Aundi's makeup service for my wedding in April. She was fabulous! She came and did a full practice run a few weeks before my wedding and then the day of my wedding was there at the venue. She made the day so fun, laughing and giving me and my bridesmaids makeovers. My makeup lasted all day and looked great. She really listened to what I wanted and made me feel so comfortable. Looking back at the professional pictures I realize how much of a difference professional makeup can look. I cannot thank Aundi enough for making me beautiful for my wedding. I only wish I could hire her to do my makeup everyday!"

                    ~ Meghan

"Aundi is nothing short of amazing in her talents and welcoming personality!  She listened to my every want and need for my wedding makeup and the outcome was so much more than I could have ever imagined! I never felt more beautiful than on that day. She really knew what she was doing and I STILL get compliments on my makeup of that day and I have been married almost 3 years. I speak very highly of Aundi to everyone! 

Thank you Aundi for the amazing work you do!"

                     ~ Anna

Kayla Johnson Photography

Prom Makeup

"I had recently just had a a reconstructive surgery, and my senior prom coming up very shortly after that, I asked Aundi to do my makeup for prom. Seeing that she has done other's makeup and making them feel comfortable, I wanted to do the same. Aundi came to my house and did a drastic eye makeup look. She made me feel comfortable in my own skin and beautiful for my prom."

                    ~ Brittany

Godwink Art Photography

Personal Shopping

"Aundi brings not only a sense of fun but also a sense of professionalism to her work as a makeup artist.  I was able to take advantage of shopping with her at Ulta and it didn’t empty my wallet.  She gave me tips on foundation, eyes and lips.  There was also no pressure to buy the most expensive items or to buy items that I would never use.  As someone who isn’t a morning person – I was able to get what I needed for a 10-minute application.  Aundi listens before she starts telling you about products, which allowed me to voice my wants and concerns. She brings a truly sincere attitude in wanting to help women find their beauty without mounds of makeup (and looking like a hooker).  So grateful for her online videos that I can watch and learn about a new color, application or product.  Whether you are 20 or 60 I believe that Aundi can help you with any makeup need you have."

                    ~ Heather

"I recently re-met Aundi at wedding where she was the make-up artist for the bridal party. I am the world's worst when it comes to knowing anything about make-up or even applying make-up. I have really red, acne prone skin and I was SO impressed by Aundi. I just knew I needed her to teach me how to apply and even what to buy. I met with Aundi at Ulta in Douglasville and it instantly felt like I was shopping with my best friend. Aundi helped me pick out appropriate eye shadow, cover up and even showed me what tools to buy and how to apply. I would highly recommend a shopping trip with Aundi - you won't be disappointed."

                   ~ Haley