Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Take care of your skin. It will love you back!

I was blessed with pretty good skin as far as breakouts are concerned. I will come across a stubborn zit maybe once every few months. Because of that, I have never been one to really take care of my skin. I had the realization a few months ago, that your makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath. You can only do so much to cover a blemish, so the best thing to do is try to get RID of it! Taking better care of my skin is now a priority of mine. Every morning and every night!

Helpful hint: I know lots of girls that sleep in their makeup and just touch up the next morning. This is a huge DON'T. Not only can your skin not breathe, all that dirt and bacteria is trapped underneath that layer of makeup, and you're just caking more makeup on top of it.

Step 1: Remove makeup
Step 2: Use facial cleanser

Like I said, I have dry skin that is not prone to breakouts. If you have oily/combination skin, you need to be more careful of what you use.

My new love is Olay Moisture Balancing foaming face wash. It's for all skin types, and it's oil-free, but it may be too much for oily skin.

I also really like Cetaphil Facial Cleanser. I remember seeing this in my Grandmother's bathroom when I was I was a little kid. One of my friends that battles with acne uses this, so I'd say it's good stuff.

Now, I usually love me some L'OREAL products. Their products are made in Paris, and are pretty much the best drugstore products that you can find. I had heard some good things about their Go 360 Clean deep cream cleanser, so I thought I'd give it a try. (The packaging is really cute, so that was a plus for me! Hehe.) It was HORRIBLE! It made my skin so dry, it was visibly flaking off. Gross! I used it for about 2 weeks, to see if my skin would get used to it. It DIDN'T. Maybe it'd be better for oily skin? I don't know. I definitely give it a thumbs down!

The next step is super important, and it's my favorite! Moisturizer! I use Dry Skin Cream by CVS. It has the exact same ingredients as Pond's, and it's $3 cheaper. It smells so good, and makes my face so soft. I'm kind of obsessed with it and use it way too much. But I just love how it makes my skin feel! :)

I hope this is somewhat helpful! :)

Happy Moisturizing!


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