Sunday, September 19, 2010

Make it Sparkle

I have never been a huge fan of glitter on anything, especially on my face. It's too messy, and it's so hard to get off. (Plus, it takes me back to the days of cheer competitions : glitter and sponge rollers!) However, I must admit that it's one of my new obsessions. I discovered a way to put it on my eyes so that it's not overwhelming, and it's easy to come off! Glitter liquid liner! Simply do your eye makeup as you normally would, then apply the liner on the inner third or half of the lid! Gorgeous.

We went out last night, so I decided to do a purple smokey eye -- with a pop of glitter! I got SO many compliments on it. It's so easy. Anyone can achieve the look!

Hugs and SPARKLY Kisses,

Aundi :)

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