Friday, February 6, 2015

'No Makeup' Makeup

Sometimes being a grown-up sucks. Instead of spending my day off vegging on the couch watching (at least) an entire season of Friends, my day off is often spent doing grown-up things. Today it was getting emissions done on my car and spending the afternoon in line at the tag office. Yuck.

I didn't feel like getting dolled up today. Let's face it... I didn't even feel like washing my hair today. So today was a no makeup makeup kind of day. Not the kind of no makeup makeup that requires at least half an hour's worth of effort to look effortless. No, friends, today was a legit no makeup makeup day.

After having a horrible reaction to a new foundation (leaving my skin looking like that of a pubescent teen's), I'm still not quite confident enough to leave the house with no makeup on. So if you also want to trick people into thinking you have perfect skin, this is my super easy routine!

1. Mix a little concealer with your eye cream (a new mind-blowing trick I recently learned from Tati at GlamLifeGuru)

2. Throw on some tinted moisturizer. I've been using Bare Mineral's new Complexion Rescue in shade Vanilla 02. Feel free to apply as many layers as you want if your looking for more coverage.

3. Sweep on a coat (or four if that's your thing) of mascara

4. Apply your favorite lip balm!

Done and done.

Also, check out my Instagram if you're curious which products cleared up my skin!

Talk to you soon!
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