Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prom Season!

I did my first prom look of the season yesterday for the lovely Cierra. I did a very simple variation of a pin-up look. I wanted to stay pretty simple since she rarely wears makeup - not that she needs it! I wanted to people to see her and her beautiful features when they looked at her, not just see makeup.

I stayed very basic with the eyeshadow, using a light brown to slightly define the crease. I used a midnight blue cream liner because it's not as harsh as black, and it makes her eyes pop even more!

I used a coral-toned blush and instead of the typical, predictable red or hot pink lip, I used a light pink lip stick and set it with pink shimmery shadow.

She's so stunning! Hope you all enjoy :) 

For better quality pictures, find me on Facebook! MakeupByAundi (all one word)


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