Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arabic Makeup

I decided to do my interpretation of an every day, wearable version of Arabic makeup. I love Arabic makeup because it incorporates lots of color (which I love!) and heavy winged liner. If you aren't used to wearing a lot of makeup or a lot of color, you can tone down the look by using less color or just toning down the liner. Since Halloween is coming up, you can definitely get away with more dramatic makeup. So just give it a try! :)

I used yellow, gold, purple, pink, and brown eyeshadows and black liquid liner.

I used a neutral blush and a highlight on the cheeks. I contoured the lips with a brown lipstick, went over that with pink and added gold gloss for highlight.

Have fun creating your own colorful look! :)


*The colors in my picture are very muted when I upload them to Blogger. If anyone has any tips to help that, I would greatly appreciate it!

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